Friday, June 29, 2012

Redding_Is_My_Life ?

Just who is the perennial commenter on with the gregarious typing digits with the nom de plume of Redding_Is_My_Life ?

Apparently she is more than a bit miffed at the passing of the Obama's healthcare plan as seen
here by her unending lack of acrimonious comments.

But who is she really?

It is said in certain circles that she is the self righteous aristocratic sister of that infinitely diminutive debutante Missy McArthur, that spinsterlicious Redding California City Council member representing Redding's elite society.

But just who is Missy McArthur and why is she so
unusual of course is fodder for another sizzeling gossip blog.

Redding_Is_My_Life with
relentless insistence claims that non profit charities here in Redding have homeless coming from all over the world with advertisements found in as far away places as Helsinki, Findland, and Japan. Many fellow comentators have asked her to prove this to no avail.

But we here at Freshie Kardashian have found proof with this exclusive advertisement sign found in the nether reaches of Uzbekistan !

Global Homeless "Come to Redding California" Recruitment Sign

Others have reported seeing this mysterious Redding_Is_My_Life at a Redding City Council meeting recently. Described as heavy set and modestly clean, her hair is reported to be dirty blonde, (pass the peroxide girlfriend) and a chunky rock type Fred Flinstone of the town of Bedrock necklace,  ( somehow conveying wealth ?)

Those in the know and who have watched this anomaly comment throughout the years will have learned at one time she was a nurse, (que the visions of nurse Ratchet of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest) and a rabid un natural lover of ANYTHING
Dolores Lucero

The verdict is in here at Freshie Kardashian on Redding_Is_My_Life ....LOVE HER !...Que the celebratory Dillard's dance !


  1. it allows reactions but none fit. Where is the waste of time and eye sight option?

  2. This is perhaps the dumbest thing ever. Why don't you use your knowledge of Redding to help things? The person this article is about is nothing but a literal laughingstock of No one takes her seriously. I myself assume it's a troll.

    If it is indeed a true, real, person, then my respect level for this town has dropped once again. I don't see how anyone could be so bigoted.