Monday, July 2, 2012

Jim Bigley - Prince of Pot or Cannabis Clown ?

Just who is is this farmer of frivolity flicking his proverbial middle finger at all Redding California law enforcement legal authority featured in the "Epic Acres Production" of the youtube video "Bigley Ranches goes BIGLEY " ?

It appears to be none other than James Benno, the acrimonious ousted director of the local chapter of NORML.

Is this nothing more than a compassionate use cash cow by the kiloton? How many more of these Mega grows do you think are growing now in our metropolis of marijuana called Redding ?

Will the nefarious activities of organized-crime syndicates find the funding from the cornucopia of cheap availability here irresistible as the hub of Northern California pot production to resell and fund other more devious crime endevors ?

In December of 2011 Benno "cursed at Shasta County Supervisors as they began to discuss an ordinance they later unanimously adopted to ban marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated county."

According to Russ Belville, the Portland-based outreach coordinator for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said in an apology issued to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors that "James Benno of Redding is no longer a representative of NORML."

Indeed , in a recent blog on Redding .com the author finds himself asking  "
What are these guys smoking?

We at Freshie Kardashian can only assume from Mr. Benno's past behavior that it is certainly not a peace pipe.


KRCR TV News reports City of Redding California Attorney Rick Duvernay states area of Jim Bigley / James Benno Marijuana Pot farm is in an industrial not commercial use area where Marijuana is not allowed to be grown and is under investigation.


This just in from our Redding California City Attorney Rick Duvernay, Let this be a cautionary tale to other states considering legalizing Marijuana.


  1. I would be careful using Kardashian
    s picture. Might be getting a letter from her attorney or do you have permission?

  2. What a loser Benno is. I see his recall, which needed 9000 signs, only got 50 Bwahaha. The guy should bury himself in his backyard. What a failure