Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vote Treun Sealgair for Shasta High School Board

UPDATE ! - This EXCITING News Just In ...

"Occupy Redding Twitter Supports & Endorses Treun Sealgair 4 Shasta High School Board !"

 "His reputation is expanding faster than the universe," "He once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels. He lives vicariously through himself.

We're told that he's the only man to ever ace a Rorschach test, that his blood smells like cologne and that his personality is so magnetic, he's unable to carry credit cards.

Who is this exciting new candidate running for Shasta High School Board with a much needed return to discipline and learning ? With a focus on career and vocational jobs we can see that this Treun Sealgair is a much needed breath of fresh air here in Redding and Shasta County California !

We believe Treun Sealgair to be quite possibly the "Most Interesting Man in the World." Suave, sophisticated,  a man's man, an amalgamation of Hemingway, 007 and Salvador Dali, with a touch of Randy Travis.

We here at Freshie Kardashian unequivocally throw our support and endorse Treun Sealgair for Shasta High School Board !

Treun Sealgair - Our "Brave Hunter"


Vote 4 Treun Sealgair

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Golden Pipes of Redding's Own Muscle Russell

Russell Hunt

Funny, seriously profound, certain to penetrate the foundations of modern philosophy,
We predict three Grammies and Album of the Year CMA - Freshie Kardashian

The Country, nay the World needs to see and hear the local legend of Whiskeytown Records own Muscle Russell's entire fabulous golden discography collection including local favorites like "Cute Don't Pay the Rent", the soulfully patriotic "My American Flag Is Made in China" and Veterans favorite everywhere "Bring Back the Boys"

Artist Background

Freshie personally has fond memories of Russell Hunt running across Foothill Park with Shasta High School's assistant principal David "Spanky" Spainhower running behind him hot on his trail.The mind reels with the thought of what level of dastardly high school prank severity would  elicit such a sustained foot pursuit all the way from Shasta High School.

Russell was also in those days master of throwing many high school "all dude review" keg parties in various greenbelt locations around Redding.

If this does not thoroughly qualify Mr Hunt a seat on the Redding City Council I dare say what does ?

"We voted him "Country Music Artist of the Year" at the Trailer Park" - Shingletown Sam

The verdict is in here at Freshie Kardashian on Muscle Russell ....LOVE HIM !...Que Heaven Has a Helluva Jukebox !


"Fun, Patriotic, Erotic, a true Urban Cowboy of our Time"
- JoeBob, Redding Tea Party

"A must when me and Trixie are getting our afternoon grove on" - Ken Furry, City Council

"After one listen im demanding Dillards everywhere carry this !" - Redding_Is_Muscle Russell's_Life


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Redding Royality - Her Majesty Megan Rapinoe

It is true, Redding California has its own majestic royality on par with Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. We are not worthy enough by any means to live or breath in the same epoc as this stellar and stunning global superstar, so stellar in fact her hair even has its own twitter account.Who you ask, none other than Redding's rapturous Megan Rapinoe!

In anticipation of a royal decree coming down from the Monarchy at the Redding City Council, we here at Freshie Kardashian offer these tips on "How to formally address the Royalty and Aristocracy of Megan Rapinoe should you be so blessed to come into contact with here here in Redding."
Acknowledge Rapinoe royalty with a bow from the neck (not the waist) if you're a man and a small curtsy (placing your right foot behind your left heel and bending your knees slightly) if you're a woman.

Do not begin a conversation with Lady Rapinoe. Instead, wait until she starts speaking to you. Also do NOT look her in the eyes until she starts speaking to you as well. Due to her stunning meteroric rise to fame full prostration before her excellency is recommended.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Redding California's Adult Baby Part Deux

Thought you saw the last of  Stanley Thornton after  a Oklahoma senator called for an investigation into his federal disability benefits?

What ever happened to Redding California's little bundle of diaper wearing joy, our very own adult baby fetish global ambassador Stanley Thornton after he was featured in National Geographic channel's Taboo program ?

Well fear not this adult baby not only talks but walks the baby talk very recently on TLC'S My Crazy Obsession.

In the video, among other things, Stanley confesses there are times that he "just wants to get home, break out the baby bottle, and have some fun."

Stanley likes to wear his diapers, which he keeps close by."When im wearing my diapers, its like a constant hug from mommy."

Delightful highlights of the video feature Stanley flying an imaginary plane at Redding's Kids Kingdom park, shopping in Sugarplum Cottage toy store, visiting a local Redding seemstress for his first baby blue custom made "Onesie" (Oh my Lord) and after an adult baby make over a search for a new "Mommy."

In 2005, Stanley lost his first "Mommy" Pam, and also Sandra, so in the exciting part two of the Stanley Thornton, My Crazy Obsession, Stanley's got it going on with the very capable "Evadne", as we witness her visiting da crib in a search for Stanley's new diaper changing "Mommy "

Will this 300 plus pound bouncing baby boy find a "Mommy?" Well you will have to just watch the videos.

Still havent had enough of all things Stanley Thornton ? Well he manages to run an adult baby support group website,

Well the the verdict is in here at Freshie Kardashian on the new adventures of Stanley Thornton, Adult Baby ... LOVE HIM ! ...   Representing Redding California proudly in his unabashed fight for truth, justice and the adult baby way !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Proverbial Pied Pipers of Marijuana Rob McDonald and James Benno

Those proverbial pied pipers of Marijuana Rob McDonald and James Benno have seemed to have found themselves in the local media spotlight once again.

Mr. McDonald , a frequent participator of Occupy Redding and a self proclaimed frequent flyer of the cannabis kind , recently led a charge to put three Redding California council members on a recall ballot. reports a sum total of 183 signatures against council members Rick Bosetti, Patrick Jones and  Francie Sullivan respectively, where as 9000 signatures each were required to put recall votes on the November ballot .

"In his haste to pick up petitions in the final hours at some of the city's collectives, he was unable to locate petitions Occupy Redding gathered on the campaign's behalf."

In what can only be construded as making lemonade out of lemons, McDonald spoke of his success as "repercussions" warning politicians, and let "judges" know that the people have a voice.

We here at Freshie Kardashian are of the opinion that soon you will at least one dreaded Occupy Redding member running for a vacant seat on the Redding City council .

Politicians and judges beware...

"Bigley" down under

Another local public persona of pot has found himself: ( by we believe his own making,) in the spotlight again .

In a recent YouTube video "James Benno, an outspoken medical marijuana patient who has been supportive of recall efforts, beams proudly and thanks the City of Redding over a cannabis garden he started this year on a half-acre in an industrially-zoned part of Redding."

Redding California City Attorney Rick Duvernay has responded that "Medical Marijuana Nurseries are prohibited in industrial zones" and also" It is possible that his brazen antics may attract the attention of federal or state law enforcement officials at some point." 

In Marc Beauchamp's blog titled "James Benno responds to Redding City Attorney Rick Duvernay", an e-mail is re printed by Mr. Benno with allegedly "the facts and the laws made by people a lot smarter than Rick Duvernay."

Mr. Benno is also quoted in another blog as saying "Rick Duvernay is a liar" and "You have the opinion of one Hack City Attorney."

What in God's Name have you done to our City Mr.Duvernay ? Look at the position you put local law enforcement in.

We at Freshie Kardashian can only look at Mr.Benno's comments on the video and recent blogs and again wonder...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Jim Bigley - Prince of Pot or Cannabis Clown ?

Just who is is this farmer of frivolity flicking his proverbial middle finger at all Redding California law enforcement legal authority featured in the "Epic Acres Production" of the youtube video "Bigley Ranches goes BIGLEY " ?

It appears to be none other than James Benno, the acrimonious ousted director of the local chapter of NORML.

Is this nothing more than a compassionate use cash cow by the kiloton? How many more of these Mega grows do you think are growing now in our metropolis of marijuana called Redding ?

Will the nefarious activities of organized-crime syndicates find the funding from the cornucopia of cheap availability here irresistible as the hub of Northern California pot production to resell and fund other more devious crime endevors ?

In December of 2011 Benno "cursed at Shasta County Supervisors as they began to discuss an ordinance they later unanimously adopted to ban marijuana dispensaries in the unincorporated county."

According to Russ Belville, the Portland-based outreach coordinator for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), said in an apology issued to the Shasta County Board of Supervisors that "James Benno of Redding is no longer a representative of NORML."

Indeed , in a recent blog on Redding .com the author finds himself asking  "
What are these guys smoking?

We at Freshie Kardashian can only assume from Mr. Benno's past behavior that it is certainly not a peace pipe.


KRCR TV News reports City of Redding California Attorney Rick Duvernay states area of Jim Bigley / James Benno Marijuana Pot farm is in an industrial not commercial use area where Marijuana is not allowed to be grown and is under investigation.


This just in from our Redding California City Attorney Rick Duvernay, Let this be a cautionary tale to other states considering legalizing Marijuana.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Redding_Is_My_Life ?

Just who is the perennial commenter on with the gregarious typing digits with the nom de plume of Redding_Is_My_Life ?

Apparently she is more than a bit miffed at the passing of the Obama's healthcare plan as seen
here by her unending lack of acrimonious comments.

But who is she really?

It is said in certain circles that she is the self righteous aristocratic sister of that infinitely diminutive debutante Missy McArthur, that spinsterlicious Redding California City Council member representing Redding's elite society.

But just who is Missy McArthur and why is she so
unusual of course is fodder for another sizzeling gossip blog.

Redding_Is_My_Life with
relentless insistence claims that non profit charities here in Redding have homeless coming from all over the world with advertisements found in as far away places as Helsinki, Findland, and Japan. Many fellow comentators have asked her to prove this to no avail.

But we here at Freshie Kardashian have found proof with this exclusive advertisement sign found in the nether reaches of Uzbekistan !

Global Homeless "Come to Redding California" Recruitment Sign

Others have reported seeing this mysterious Redding_Is_My_Life at a Redding City Council meeting recently. Described as heavy set and modestly clean, her hair is reported to be dirty blonde, (pass the peroxide girlfriend) and a chunky rock type Fred Flinstone of the town of Bedrock necklace,  ( somehow conveying wealth ?)

Those in the know and who have watched this anomaly comment throughout the years will have learned at one time she was a nurse, (que the visions of nurse Ratchet of One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest) and a rabid un natural lover of ANYTHING
Dolores Lucero

The verdict is in here at Freshie Kardashian on Redding_Is_My_Life ....LOVE HER !...Que the celebratory Dillard's dance !