Friday, July 6, 2012

Proverbial Pied Pipers of Marijuana Rob McDonald and James Benno

Those proverbial pied pipers of Marijuana Rob McDonald and James Benno have seemed to have found themselves in the local media spotlight once again.

Mr. McDonald , a frequent participator of Occupy Redding and a self proclaimed frequent flyer of the cannabis kind , recently led a charge to put three Redding California council members on a recall ballot. reports a sum total of 183 signatures against council members Rick Bosetti, Patrick Jones and  Francie Sullivan respectively, where as 9000 signatures each were required to put recall votes on the November ballot .

"In his haste to pick up petitions in the final hours at some of the city's collectives, he was unable to locate petitions Occupy Redding gathered on the campaign's behalf."

In what can only be construded as making lemonade out of lemons, McDonald spoke of his success as "repercussions" warning politicians, and let "judges" know that the people have a voice.

We here at Freshie Kardashian are of the opinion that soon you will at least one dreaded Occupy Redding member running for a vacant seat on the Redding City council .

Politicians and judges beware...

"Bigley" down under

Another local public persona of pot has found himself: ( by we believe his own making,) in the spotlight again .

In a recent YouTube video "James Benno, an outspoken medical marijuana patient who has been supportive of recall efforts, beams proudly and thanks the City of Redding over a cannabis garden he started this year on a half-acre in an industrially-zoned part of Redding."

Redding California City Attorney Rick Duvernay has responded that "Medical Marijuana Nurseries are prohibited in industrial zones" and also" It is possible that his brazen antics may attract the attention of federal or state law enforcement officials at some point." 

In Marc Beauchamp's blog titled "James Benno responds to Redding City Attorney Rick Duvernay", an e-mail is re printed by Mr. Benno with allegedly "the facts and the laws made by people a lot smarter than Rick Duvernay."

Mr. Benno is also quoted in another blog as saying "Rick Duvernay is a liar" and "You have the opinion of one Hack City Attorney."

What in God's Name have you done to our City Mr.Duvernay ? Look at the position you put local law enforcement in.

We at Freshie Kardashian can only look at Mr.Benno's comments on the video and recent blogs and again wonder...


  1. What a pair of jackasses. Mcdumbass is too stoned to remember the turn in date on his own recall effort and Benno would rather talk trash online and make vids of his kids smoking dope. They wonder why no one takes them seriously

  2. Oh someones taking this seriously....
    Da FEDS
    Stick it in their face and you will get bit

  3. Kardashian? Is it legal to use their name for this?

  4. Ol Bigley was on the 5o clock news tonight saying how he outsmarted duvernay and that its everyone's right in Redding to grow 100 plants in there backyards. What a fucking idiot

  5. How can a guy grow 75+ plants, make a vid with his kids getting high and NO ONE in this town do anything about! I'm sick of these types stinking up our town. Go get em Bosenko isn't that what your MET is for! WtF

  6. I lifted your link off this page just thought you might want to know SHIT BAG.

    Get ready because you are about to be famous

  7. Imo Benno is just like the guy in the second vid. A drug dealer making money off sick people. Nobody needs 75+ plants and even if he is growing for 8 people that's still way more than they need. Lock this criminal up

  8. You think your funny now but on Monday when JB meets with his attorney you are toast for LIBEL. I just printed this.

    1. The big bad tough guy mj dealer cries about people talking on the net. You ain't much pansy

  9. I guess you should have read your user agreement. What you have done is a crime can and will be tracked back to you and you will be prosecuted. What an ignoramus.

    1. Ask Perez Hilton

    2. That's weird, meant to reply to the Kardashian name comment a few more up...hmm

  10. Your an idiot..all that's posted here is stories from the RS, channel 7 news and from YOUR OWN MOUTH JB. As far as commenters that's their opinions isn't it. Good Luck finding a lawyer who will prosecute people for an opinion, this isn't Communist China. Go cry somewhere else

  11. Thanks for posting this on RS jb


    And apparently you are a fucking crybaby. You do know its pretty much legal in California a lot of us risk going to jail every fucking day. I have a lot of work to do instead I'm dealing with your stupid ass so go cry to someone else just don't use the NORML name with it.

    Keith Stroup

    Bwahaha crybaby Benno. If you don't want to be in the news stop doing stupid shit

  12. It's called libel jackass buy a fucking ditionary

    li·bel   /ˈlaɪbəl/ Show Spelled [lahy-buhl] Show IPA noun, verb, li·beled, li·bel·ing or ( especially British ) li·belled, li·bel·ling.
    1. Law .
    a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
    b. the act or crime of publishing it.
    c. a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
    2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.
    verb (used with object)
    3. to publish a libel against.
    4. to misrepresent damagingly.
    5. to institute suit against by a libel, as in an admiralty court

    1. What's a ditionary?? Think you mean "dictionary"...learn to spell dumbass

  13. Wahhh people are talking about me on the internet. Stop whining

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  16. Check Shasta County Court case info. Search James Benno and look at all the court cases he's had. Mostly its people putting restraining orders against him, domestic abuse, spouse abuse and scams he's tried to pull against local businesses. The man is a menace and should be locked up