Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Redding Royality - Her Majesty Megan Rapinoe

It is true, Redding California has its own majestic royality on par with Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. We are not worthy enough by any means to live or breath in the same epoc as this stellar and stunning global superstar, so stellar in fact her hair even has its own twitter account.Who you ask, none other than Redding's rapturous Megan Rapinoe!

In anticipation of a royal decree coming down from the Monarchy at the Redding City Council, we here at Freshie Kardashian offer these tips on "How to formally address the Royalty and Aristocracy of Megan Rapinoe should you be so blessed to come into contact with here here in Redding."
Acknowledge Rapinoe royalty with a bow from the neck (not the waist) if you're a man and a small curtsy (placing your right foot behind your left heel and bending your knees slightly) if you're a woman.

Do not begin a conversation with Lady Rapinoe. Instead, wait until she starts speaking to you. Also do NOT look her in the eyes until she starts speaking to you as well. Due to her stunning meteroric rise to fame full prostration before her excellency is recommended.

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